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Access to lexical databases

OpenLexicon: Open access to lexical ressources

If all you want is to access the Openlexicon App (lexical search)or the UniPseudo App (pseudoword generator), click on one of the screenshots below

This site provides:

  1. A directory of lexical databases
  2. Scripts to download and query lexical databases.
  3. Apps to create dynamic graphical interfaces to the lexical databases. Some of these apps are running at
  4. Documents of related to the processing of lexical resources.

The source code is available at

Unless otherwise explained by a individual readme or license file in a directory, it distributed under a CC BY-SA 4.0 LICENSE.


The main contributors to the openlexicon project are Christophe Pallier, Boris New and Jessica Bourgin.

To cite this repository, use the following reference:

Most databases have associated publications listed in their respective README files. They must be cited in any derivative work! The same goes for some of the scripts (read their documentation for instructions).


Everybody is warmly encouraged to contribute by submitting issues or by adding a new app, script, or databases (To add a new dataset, you must create a .json file in datasets-info/_json. Check out How-to-install-a-new-dataset).

First, check out Lexique’s google-group at!forum/lexiqueorg. You can then contact and privately, or, much better, fork the openlexicon repository (see How to fork a repo) and issue a pull request (see Creating a pull request from a fork).


Check out the TODO list

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